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Impact of Covid-19 on Indian D2C Brands

The only comprehensive study on the impact of COVID on the Indian D2C brands. We analyzed nearly 1,500 Indian brands that are digital natives to comprehend the effects of COVID on the Indian D2C landscape.

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Impact of COVID on Indian D2C Brands

What do you find in this report?

  1. Traffic Comparison of  visit stats between H2 of 2019 with H1 of 2020

  2. Projection of visits for July 2020 based on 2019 trends and a measure of the deviation of the actuals from the forecasts.

  3. List of D2C brands that are showing positively compounded growth rate in 2019 and continued in 2020 with positive monthly growth rates.


Between H2 of 2019 and H1 of 2020 (until June 2020), the median fall in web traffic for D2C brands is 17%

July was the month of recovery. The median traffic grew by 57%.
The worst for Indian D2C brands was over by April. Brands stopped hemorrhaging from May. They recovered well in June and in July they are back to normal – just in time for the festival season.

Fast fashion, Fitness, Grocery, and General Merchandise have all grown an impressive 100%+ in traffic in July signaling a strong comeback.

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Interested in identifying Direct to consumer brands?

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