Instagram eCommerce - The Fashion Zeitgeist

In this report, we analyze how top fashion brands have leveraged Instagram for their social strategy and sales. We focus on growing brands and well-known retailers in the study.

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Instagram eCommerce - The Fashion Zeitgeist

Here's a sneak peek at what our report on Instagram eCommerce covers!

  1. New Gen eCommerce make Instagram their own

  2. eCommerce Kingpins keep their throne on Instagram

  3. Old School retailers miss the play

  4. Big Brands eat the cake and have it too


Instagram, until recently, was only a digital marketing platform with regards to eCommerce and the retailers were happy to let the brands handle that themselves.

Fashion brands have taken to Instagram eCommerce exceptionally well, garnering a huge follower base and now using shoppable posts to sell through Instagram.

Companies like Kylie Cosmetics and Chanel, are focused solely on the social media platform garnering millions of followers and much less on website sales.

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With over 1 Billion users, Instagram's status quo has changed from a social platform to where brand discovery happens. Read through our report to find out how top brands leverage this channel for sales and engagement.

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World-class companies use PipeCandy to track the global e-Commerce landscape.

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Interested in identifying social growth indicators for a brand?

Interested in identifying social growth indicators for a brand?

Our datasets on social growth for brands helped put out this research report. Get in touch with us if you'd want access to the financials, SKUs, shipping volume for brands.