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Analysis of the Shopify app store

Our report analyses the Shopify app store by studying over 230,000 reviews for 2511 apps across different product categories.

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Analysis of the Shopify app store

Here's a sneak peek at what the report on the Shopify app store ecosystem covers!

  1. Annual Shopify App store revenue across the years

  2. Paid v Free to use apps – Reviews and Market size

  3. Avg Satisfaction score across product categories

  4. Profiles of Top performing apps on the Shopify app store


In September of 2018, Shopify relaunched their app store, giving it a completely new design, introducing 80 new subcategories and improving the app listings and search.

In the Shopify app store, of the 2511 apps in total (as of August 2018), 950 apps are free (either completely free or offer free plans) and the remaining 1561 are paid apps.

The average number of reviews per category is highest for Marketing, Sales and Product Sourcing at 172, 138 and 136 average reviews per app.

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In addition to being the most widely adopted eCommerce platform, Shopify also estimate that over $100 Million has been spent on apps by merchants. With their impressive performance in recent quarters and the expected upside from new markets, this is a highly lucrative channel.

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Interested in identifying Shopify stores?

Interested in identifying Shopify stores?

Our datasets on Shopify stores helped put out this research report. Get in touch with us if you'd want access to the financials, SKUs, shipping volume for Shopify stores.