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The State of the Direct-to-Consumer Industry

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The direct-to-consumer sector as we see today is far different from what it started off as about a decade ago.

This report dissects all that we’re seeing about the DTC space today, and provides you with data-driven research insight such as

Around 95% of all eCommerce businesses in the US have a gross merchandise value (GMV) of less than USD 1M, and more than 70% of the DTC eCommerce businesses in the US have a GMV between USD 1M and USD 5M.

Over 75% of the DTC brands in the US today fall in one of the three categories – Fashion and Apparel, Home and Garden, and Food and Beverage.

More than 60% of the DTC companies did not have a budget for Google Ads in the last 12 months.

About 47% of SMB and mid-market DTC businesses have product presence via physical stores.

The United States Postal Service is the backbone for small and mid-market business product logistics, with up to 70% of businesses with less than USD 5M still relying on the federal mail service for parcel delivery. USPS and FedEx meanwhile have better market shares among enterprise businesses.


Pipecandy takes complex sets of data, translate them into digestible and relevant POVs, and offer simple frameworks to help me think about our business challenges and opportunities. Their reports are a required reading for D2C & eCommerce executives.

Chip Overstreet

Chip Overstreet

CEO, Spiceology