Retail News and Trends for 12th September 2019


The shifting DTC landscape

In an industry where many direct-to-consumer brands have stolen the spotlight, a panel at eTail East in late August discussed how investment decisions have shifted over time.


Amazon's vertical warehouse to slash delivery times

Amazon has agreed to take space in a first-of-its-kind three-story warehouse, a new type of distribution center that could reduce delivery times in congested cities to hours rather than days.


DTC brand Harry's is building a new brand

The shaving brand recently posted a handful of jobs for a new DTC brand that it is incubating as part of Harry's Labs, the innovation group in Harry's tasked with identifying other categories to disrupt. According to three job postings on Harry's website, the company is hiring for a new start-up called "NewCo."


Lululemon's first brand

For the last decade, Lululemon has been quietly tinkering with a luxury streetwear label called Lab. The $3.8 billion sportswear giant first piloted the concept in 2009, opening a store in Vancouver. Then, over the last three years, it opened two more Lab stores in New York. Until now, these were the only places to catch a peek at the project and buy a few limited-edition pieces. But today, Lab hits prime time.


The rising star in China's eCommerce

Price conscious Chinese consumers living in far-flung cities have made Pinduoduo China’s hottest ecommerce player. Its 366 million MAU trail only Alibaba, outranking better-known rivals such as Last month, Pinduoduo reported that second-quarter revenue had more than doubled from a year earlier. Its $40 billion market value exceeds eBay’s and places it among China’s five most valuable internet companies.

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