Retail News and Trends for 05th June 2020


FedEx adds new delivery feels targeting high-volume shippers

Starting June 8 until further notice, FedEx is applying temporary surcharges to all domestic deliveries involving its contract-only SmartPost service (which relies on USPS for the final leg) and oversized packages, as well as domestic residential FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages from companies who exceed certain volume limits. 


Adidas and Allbirds team up to reduce footwear industry's carbon footprint


Adidas and shoes retailer Allbirds have teamed up to launch a project to accelerate solutions in reducing the 700M metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted by the footwear industry each year. The partnership aims to innovate on manufacturing and supply chain processes in addition to exploring renewable material resources, resulting in a low carbon footprint.


Impossible Foods Launches DTC Site

Plant-based meat substitutes were on the rise well before the COVID-19 outbreak, and now one major company in that space has placed a big bet on the direct-to-consumer space. Redwood City, California-based Impossible Foods has launched an e-commerce site that allows “people in the lower 48 states to buy the award-winning, plant-based Impossible Burger and cook it at home.”


Will retailers pass along or eat COVID-19 shipping surcharges?

It’s not unusual for United Parcel Service or FedEx to tack-on surcharges for retailers and consumer-direct brands shipping products during peak periods leading up to Christmas. Merchants do not, however, expect such charges in June. Of course, this June is unlike any June experienced by anyone ever.


Global alcohol sales online plummet as world emerges from lockdown

Online sales of alcohol are now at significantly lower levels than this time last year, with pubs and bars now finding ‘lockdown workarounds’

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