PipeCandy for SaaS leads

Lead Generation at scale

SaaS Lead Generation is not just about volume; it’s about precision as well. We’ve build lead
generation models that are good at identifying SaaS companies that qualify. That means, our models classify software services companies, infrastructure companies and subscription in a box companies as non-SaaS!

For the first time build a comprehensive lead list of SaaS companies by funding stage, tech used etc.

Enrich & qualify inbound leads by intelligently & automatically finding if they are a SaaS business or not

Got special criteria to qualify SaaS leads? Build analytical models on PipeCandy to do just that!


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FAQ on SaaS Lead Generation

How does PipeCandy generate SaaS leads that are different?
Firstly, if you rely on sources like LinkedIn or Angellist or Crunchbase to build your SaaS database, your leads list is going to be quite inaccurate. As these are self-published lists, IaaS, PaaS and service agencies also list themselves as SaaS companies, which aren’t what you are looking for. PipeCandy’s algorithms analyze every website and scores them to determine if they are indeed SaaS companies or not.

Can I also find subscription companies that sell physical or non-software goods?
Yes, indeed. PipeCandy’s algorithms differentiate between subscription companies that sell software and those that sell physical goods. So if your business is about targeting ecommerce companies that sell on a subscription model, PipeCandy is the only automated source for your leads.

We don’t need SaaS leads. We get quite a lot of inbound interest.
Even if you drive a lot of inbound traffic, PipeCandy can quickly qualify your inbound leads based on the lead scoring parameters you set. Read more about PipeCandy’s inbound lead enrichment offering here.

World-class organizations use PipeCandy to target SaaS prospects across the world.