Sex Toys Market Share

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Sex Toys Market Share


Total Active Sex Toy Store


The sex toy industry is a fast-growing segment of the adult industry that’s reaching new heights with each passing year. With people cooped up in the confines of their homes for the better part of last year, the sex toy industry saw a healthy boost in numbers that’s expected to extend into 2021.

Sex Toys Market Share by Web Sales

<1M 86.69%
1M-5M 7.22%
5M-10M 1.55%
10M-25M 0.52%
50M-100M 0.52%
100M-250M 0.52%

Sex Toys Market Share by Web Traffic

<1K 26.87%
1K-10K 44.01%
10K-25K 12.56%
25K-100K 10.2%
100K-500K 4.87%
>500K 1.46%

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Sex Toys Market Share By Region

Africa 0.68%
Latin America 0.34%
North America 81.36%
Asia Pacific 6.78%
Europe 10.85%

Sex Toys Market Share By Country

United States of America 74.41%
United Kingdom 9.76%
Canada 6.4%
Australia 5.39%
Hong Kong 0.67%
Portugal 0.67%
South Africa 0.67%
Germany 0.34%
China 0.34%
Colombia 0.34%
India 0.34%
Spain 0.34%
TBD 0.34%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On Sex Toys Market Share

Sex Toy Market Share By Web Sales

Our estimates indicate that 89.69% of the sex toy industry earned less than one million in web sales on a yearly basis. 7.22% of the stores were found to be earning $1M-$5M and 1.55% brought in $5M-$10M.

Only 1.52% of Sex Toy stores earned more than $10M in web sales according to our estimation.

Sex Toy Market Share By Region

When segregated along geographical lines, the United States accounts for 74.61% of the sex toy market share. Following far behind is the United Kingdom which makes up for the 9.76% of the sex toy companies accounted for. Canada and Australia wind up the rest of the list of countries with a significant share with 6.40% and 5.39% respectively.

Sex Toy Market Share by Traffic

An estimated 1.46% of the sex toy stores brought in greater than 500,000 visitors on a monthly basis. 4.87% witnessed traffic in the range of 100K-500K. 83.45% of the companies accounted for having monthly traffic of less than 25,000 visitors.

The Future For Sex Toys

Although the sex toy industry is largely dominated by a few key regions like North America, Europe, and Australia, the signs are all positive in the other regions of the world. With growing acceptance among the younger crowd in more “conservative” countries, the room for expansion is significant, to say the least. With a double-digit growth reported multiple years in a row, the future is bright for the sex toy market.

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