Analysis Of Shopify Ecommerce Market Share | 2021 Growth Estimates

Updated as of Aug 10, 2022

Shopify Market Share


Total Active Shopify Store


Globally, Shopify powers 15% of all B2C physical goods eCommerce websites with substantial business and is next only to WooCommerce Checkout in market share. Shopify's market share is estimated to be $382Bin 2021, which is 21% of the worldwide esales and ahead of all its competitors. Shopify now has almost 40% of Amazon’s GMV.

Shopify Market Share by Revenue

<1M 87.63%
1M-50M 11.78%
50M-100M 0.3%
100M-500M 0.26%
500M-1B 0.02%
>1B 0.01%

Shopify Market Share by Web Traffic

>3M 85.65%
1M-3M 12.39%
500K-1M 1.05%
100K-500K 0.69%
10K-100K 0.19%
<10K 0.03%

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Shopify Market Share By Region

Africa 0.81%
APAC 7.87%
EU 15.82%
Latam 1.47%
North America 70.23%
Others 3.8%

Shopify Market Share By Country

Germany 2.43%
Canada 3.96%
Australia 4.22%
United Kingdom 5.82%
United States of America 68.02%
Others 15.55%



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Detailed Analysis And Insight on Shopify Market Share | 2021 Estimates

Shopify eCommerce Market Share By Sales

90% of revenue share in the B2C physical goods eCommerce ecosystem of Shopify was generated by 12% of websites. The top 0.01% comprising 65 Shopify merchants including Tesla, Pepsi. LVMH and Red Bull generated 18% of the web sales. About 4,200 merchants generated 50% of all web sales. 87% of Shopify merchants make less than $1M in web sales but collectively generated $35B in web sales making up a healthy 10% of Shopify's market share.

Shopify eCommerce Market Share by Region

The Canadian company is highly popular in North America, holding 70% of the region’s total merchants/stores. Moreover, North America is a prominent market for Shopify with sales of $292B generated by Shopify stores which is 76% of Shopify's global market share .

23% of all eCommerce websites in the US are powered by Shopify and in its home country Canada, Shopify has a market share of 25% of all eCommerce merchants making it the eCommerce platform market leader.

Shopify Market Share by Traffic:

3% of the global top 10,000 websites by web traffic are Shopify-powered eCommerce websites. Among all eCommerce technologies, Shopify has the highest market share of merchants among the top 500,000 sites.

Shopify’s Future & 2021 Trends:

Shopify has come a long way to become a major contender to Amazon’s hold on eCommerce. From 25% of Amazon’s GMV in 2018, Shopify’s ecosystem grew to 40% of its GMV in 2020. More importantly, it remains the only profitable company among all eCommerce technology companies with a decent cash flow. Therefore, it shall continue to grow leveraging its significant share of omnichannel merchants as more and more retailers go digital following the change in consumer preference. A big part of its continuing growth will be its payments platform Shopify Pay which is already a preferred payment system for merchants on Shopify and contributes more than 60% of Shopify’s overall revenue.

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