Sporting Goods Market Share

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Sporting Goods Market Share


Total Active Sporting Goods Store


Bouncing back from the hiatus forced on by the COVID-related lockdowns, sports are back with a bang, breathing new life into the sporting store market heading into the second half of 2021. The year is expected to be a step-up from the unexpected challenges that 2020 posed and those that can capitalize on this upward trend are expected to do well.

Sporting Goods Market Share by Web Sales

<1M 89.85%
1M-5M 7.11%
5M-10M 0.51%
10M-25M 0.51%

Sporting Goods Market Share by Web Traffic

<1K 26.92%
1K-10K 49.54%
10K-25K 9.44%
25K-100K 7.84%
100K-500K 4.46%
>500K 1.8%

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Sporting Goods Market Share By Region

Africa 0.18%
Latin America 0.18%
North America 91.9%
Asia Pacific 1.2%
Europe 6.53%

Sporting Goods Market Share By Country

United States of America 72.21%
United Kingdom 11.39%
United Arab Emirates 5.64%
Ukraine 3.62%
Tonga 1.21%
Switzerland 0.86%
Sri Lanka 0.69%
Spain 0.52%
South Africa 0.4%
Seychelles 0.4%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On Sporting Store Market Share

Sporting Store Market Share By Web Sales

Of the companies accounted for, over half – 57.21% reported less than $1 Million in web sales. 20.38% of the sporting stores brought in web sales in the range of $1M-$5M. Web sales in the range of $5M-10M was reported by roughly 2.19% of sporting stores.

Sporting Store Market Share By Region

When accounting for the region wise breakdown, the United States clinched the top spot with 70.28% of the market share. Following far behind is the United Kingdom which makes up for the 10.59% of the sporting companies accounted for. Canada, Australia and Japan follow close behind at 5.65%, 2.35%, and 1.82% to round up the top five.

North America is the clear cut giant in the sporting goods international market with over 90% of the market share coming under its boundaries.

Sporting Store Market Share by Traffic

Only 0.76% of the sporting companies were found to witness more than 500,000 visitors per month. 27.68% of the companies witnessed less than a thousand visitors on a monthly basis. The biggest contributor to this metric was the 1000-10,000 visitor range with an estimated 51.55% of the companies reporting monthly visits in that range.

The Big Picture For Sporting Stores

With an overwhelming majority of sports requiring equipment of one form or another, suffice to say, the market for sporting stores will be ever-present at some level. In 2021, with the world slowly opening back up and recreational activities becoming the norm again, expect the sporting store market to see a healthy up-trend, largely due to the FOMO created by extended periods of lockdown.

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