Analysis of the Stationaries Market Share

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Stationaries Market Share


Total Active Stationaries


According to market research, the stationery market is currently worth a whopping $252B. With the increasing access to schooling and education across the world, the market is witnessing healthy growth set to continue for the foreseeable future.  The following is a breakdown of the Stationery market share by various categories such as web sales, web traffic, region, etc.

Stationaries Market Share by Web Sales

500K-1M 0.24%
<1M 57.21%
1M-5M 20.38%
5M-10M 2.19%
10M-25M 1.65%
25M-50M 0.31%
50M-100M 0.08%
100M-250M 0.16%
Not Applicable 17.79%

Stationaries Market Share by Web Traffic

<1K 27.68%
1K-10K 51.55%
10K-25K 9.77%
25K-100K 7.42%
100K-500K 2.82%
>500K 0.76%

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Stationaries Market Share By Region

Latin America 0.06%
North America 90.75%
Asia Pacific 2.72%
Australasia 0.12%
Europe 6.35%

Stationaries Market Share By Country

United States of America 70.28%
United Kingdom 10.59%
Canada 5.65%
Australia 2.35%
Japan 1.82%
Germany 1.56%
France 1.02%
Italy 0.99%
Netherlands 0.76%
Spain 0.68%
Colombia 0.65%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On Stationaries Market Share

Stationaries Market Share By Web Sales

Of the stationery stories accounted for, 89.85% made less than one million USD in web sales. 7.11% reported web sales between the range of $1M – $2M. Only 1.2% of the online stationery stores made more than five million in web sales.

Stationaries Market Share By Region

The United States topped the chart with 72.21% of the market share when accounting for the region-wise split. Following behind is the United Kingdom at 11.39%. Canada, Australia, and Japan rounded up the top five with 5.64%, 3.62%, 1.21% respectively.

North America as a whole dominates the stationery market with 91.90% of the stores falling within its boundaries. Europe accounted for 6.53% and the APAC region 1.20%.

Stationaries Market Share by Web Traffic

Around half of the stationery market – 49.24% were found to have between 1000-10,000 visitors per month. 26.92% were able to pull in less than 10,000 visits. 12.30% of the stores attracted between 25,000-100,000 visitors.

Only 1.80% of the stationery market accounted for more than 500,000 visitors on a monthly basis.

The Future of Stationery Market

With a record high literacy rate worldwide propelled by increasing access to affordable schooling, the stationery market is witnessing healthy and steady growth. The increased purchasing power of the 'common man' also plays a large role in this growth, ensuring that this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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