Analysis Of Stripe Ecommerce Market Share | 2021 Statistics

Updated as of Dec 10, 2022

Stripe Market Share


Total Active Stripe Store


Stripe is an online payment processing platform with headquarters in San Francisco and Dublin. The company almost entirely focuses on eCommerce companies that can range from SMEs to multi-billion-dollar companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Stripe’s payment system is enabled on 33% of global physical goods e-commerce businesses, making it the second most used payment technology after PayPal. With eCommerce and retail consumption growing 40% YoY stripe market share is estimated to be $382 B in 2021. On average stripe's customers generate more than $570 in web sales. Considering that Stripe charges almost 3% per transaction, such a large volume of transactions makes Stripe the most valuable fintech brand globally.

Stripe Market Share by Revenue

<1M 87.63%
1M-50M 11.78%
50M-100M 0.3%
100M-500M 0.26%
500M-1B 0.02%
>1B 0.01%

Stripe Market Share by Web Traffic

>3M 85.65%
1M-3M 12.39%
500K-1M 1.05%
100K-500K 0.69%
10K-100K 0.19%
<10K 0.03%

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Stripe Market Share By Region

Africa 0.81%
APAC 7.87%
EU 15.82%
Latam 1.47%
North America 70.23%
Others 3.8%

Stripe Market Share By Country

Germany 2.43%
Canada 3.96%
Australia 4.22%
United Kingdom 5.82%
United States of America 68.02%
Others 15.55%



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Detailed Analysis Of Stripe Ecommerce Market Share | Growth | Revenue

Stripe’s Global Market Share by Sales

More than 98% of Stripe’s customer base generates less than $5M in sales monthly. While PayPal is preferred by more merchants overall, it has a bigger concentration of merchants below the $5M in web sales range. Stripe has a larger customer base among merchants generating more than $5M in web sales. At the top end, less than 1% of Stripe’s merchants generate more than $370B in total web sales.

Stripe’s Global Market Share by Region

North America is the largest market-space in terms of businesses engaged and web sales, hosting almost half of Stripe’s total customers. The region generates 50% of aggregate web sales amongst Stripe’s merchant base. While the Europe region contributes to 15.82% of Stripe MArket Share

The United States contributes more than 45% of Stripe's market share. US physical goods eCommerce merchants using Stripe generate more than $250B in sales which puts Stripe just below Paypal in terms of processing volume. Stripe however has a clear edge over Paypal in Germany and France with more than $75B in processing volumes against Paypal’s $58B

Stripe’s Market Share by Traffic Ranks

Beyond rank 100K, the monthly visitor count of web domains begins to flatline and turn into a long tail of very low volumes. Stripe has a much higher market share of merchants whose commerce sites rank 100K or lesser than any other payment technology including PayPal. This distinguishes Stripe from PayPal which derives a big share of its revenues from transactions on websites ranked more than 1M

Future of Stripe

Stripe has the best market share amongst the larger eCommerce merchants. Their large volume of transactions ensures Stripe has a steady cash flow and a high valuation should it go public, something the investing world is waiting for. The pandemic changed the face of eCommerce forever with more and more companies going digital, especially big and medium physical store retailers who are steadily increasing their online presence. Stripe’s core market will only increase. The market is already expecting Stripe to be of value at least $90B which can place Stripe amongst the biggest IPOs ever.

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