Analysis Of UK Retail Ecommerce Market Share|2021 Statistics

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

UK Ecommerce Market Share


Total Active UK Ecommerce Market Share


The eCommerce market of the United Kingdom is the largest in Europe. The UK’s retail eCommerce market is projected to reach $114 billion in 2021. In terms of number of companies, the UK ecommerce market is less than 10% of the US market but then generates 23% of the US market’s gross merchandising value (GMV) or online sales. The role of ecommerce is significant in the UK given that almost 30% of total retail sales is via the internet compared to just 13.6% in the United States.

With customers still vary of in-store shopping, opportunity is abound for retail ecommerce companies in UK looking to make their mark online.

UK eCommerce Market Share by Online Sales

<100K 49.61%
100K-500K 19.51%
500K-1M 14.12%
1M-5M 10.91%
5M-10M 2.93%
10M-25M 1.59%
25M-50M 0.76%
50M-100M 0.36%
100M+ 0.22%

UK eCommerce Market Share by Web Traffic

<1K 86.97%
1K-10K 11.64%
10K-25K 0.72%
25K-100K 0.47%
100K-500K 0.17%
>500K 0.03%

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Detailed Analysis and Statistics On UK Ecommerce Market Share

UK Ecommerce Market Share by Online Sales

We estimate that 0.22% of UK online shopping sites brought in more than $100 Million in sales. For websites earning between $50M and $100M in web sales, this number rises marginally to 0.36%.

Around half the companies (49.61%) reported less than $100K in web sales, followed by 33.63% falling in the $100K-$1M range. Over 16.76% of the companies brought in over one million in web sales.

UK Ecommerce Market Share by Traffic

Only 0.03% of the companies received greater than 500K visits a month, ranking in the 1-10,000 range. 86.97% of the companies received less than a thousand visitors on a monthly basis and 11.64% were found to be pulling in 1000-10,000.

UK Ecommerce Market Share by Product Category

When accounting for the category of the companies, fashion and apparel tops the chart accounting for 16.70% of the total number of companies followed by the grocery, good and home needs category at 14.70%. The third most popular type of store was found to be multicategory Retailers or marketplaces which make up 11.40% of the market share.

Some of the other popular categories are consumer electronics & appliances, specialty retailers, home & garden, Sporting, and Outdoor goods at 9.80%, 8.90%, 7%, and 6% respectively.

UK Ecommerce Market Trends – 2021 

The far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 virus continues to be a driving point for the industry moving forward.

With brick and mortar facing an uncertain future, an increasing number of small and mid-sized retailers are expected to take the plunge into online retail in 2021.While big players are most likely to generate more sales 

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