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Since the winter of 2016, every year, we have contributed to the world’s understanding of the e-commerce industry. We grew our coverage from 0 to 5 million companies in these 5 years.

Today, PipeCandy is the industry standard.

Thank you for pushing us to go where no one has. It’s only fair that we offer our data and research reports to you at a price that no one has offered you before. Claim your dues. You have earned it by pushing us hard.

Authoritative lists & research reports. Astounding discounts.


Our typical 'total addressable market' reports for key regions cost $7,500 per region. You can now get them for $5250.

Reports for certain countries cost $2500 per country. You can now get them for $1,750


The 'online' plan of Prospector (the app for demand gen teams) costs $8,500 and the 'Commerce' plan costs $24,999. Now you can get them at $5,950 and $17,500.

Firehose, our API for data enrichment, costs $25,000+. You can now get it at $17,500 onwards.

Avail yourself the year end offer using the code 'YEAREND30' when you upgrade from your free trial.